Eri A. Westerlund is an illustrator that was born in Tokyo and is now calling San Jose, CA, home.

After graduating from Meiji Gakuin University, she worked at a Publishing company in Tokyo.

Then, she moved to New York City to study film making, 3D animation, computer graphics and drawing at the New York Film Academy.

She is currently illustrating many monthly comics that are published in Japanese magazines.

I’m good at drawing cute characters like girls and animals. I can also draw caricatures.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Comic Studio Pro, Clip Studio Paint
Hand Draw
Pen and ink, Color Pencil, Marker, Copic, etc…


イラストレーター ウェスタランド えり



’09~’10年 『US Weekly Biz』
’11年~13年 アルク『子ども英語』『月刊アルコムワールド』。
’13年〜現在 アルク Kiddy CAT英語教室フリーペーパー『えいごのじかん』にコラム&イラスト掲載中。

Illusrator、Photoshop、ComicStudio Pro、CLIP STUDIO PINT