7 December 2015

Christmas Wreath

I made a Christmas wreath.


All parts are from Dollar Tree except a wooden ring part from Michaels and pine cones I picked up.
I always wanted a wreath with a lot of gold in it and finally got one!

3 December 2015

Handmade Photo Frame

A yummy yummy photo frame!


The chocolates, pocky, ice cream and fruits are polymer clay.

I made a silicon mold for my original gummy bear.
Resin or epoxy resin is good to make it.
To color it, I mixed oil paint with the epoxy resin.


For whipped cream, I got a silicone sealant at Home Depot.

My daughter was so happy and put her lovely drawing of us.
It looks perfect!

29 November 2015

My New iPhone case

I got a new iPhone case from Etsy.


There are a lot of pressed flowers in.
So cute♪

24 November 2015

Baby Poncho

It’s getting cold.
But we are in California. The weather never gets toooo cold.
So I decided to make a poncho using cotton yarn for my baby girl!
Its pattern is from a crochet book I found at Japanese book store.


Actually, I realized that it’s a little big for her, so she probably can wear next winter, too.

21 November 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was over.
In this year, I made costumes for my kids!

Baby Pumpkin Hat


Raven cloak from “Teen Titan”

She is so happy!!!

And I sewed my dress using some extra clothe of Raven Cloak.

14 October 2013


Doodling is fun.
I was drawing and thinking about Halloween.
What are we going to do…?

3 September 2013

My New Halloween Card

I’m getting in a spooky mood for this Halloween and have made a Halloween Card full of ghostly cute characters in costume. I got this idea from my daughter’s drawing. It’s perfect for giving to friends that need a little extra scare this Halloween.

Get the latest creation from Illustrator Eri Westerlund available only on Zazzle.

28 August 2013

Enjoying clay art

I like crafting as much as illustration.
This is a part of my clay art.
My little daughter loves them, but I have to be careful not to let her put them in her mouth(>ロ<)
If you are interested in, I put them on ebay.

Link to my ebay site

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